The Annual Sailors’ Reading Room Snooker Finals, May 6th 2014

This year’s Singles Final between John Everson and Gary Farnam was a very close
encounter, both players standing a very good chance to win. However it looked to be
all over when Gary missed the final Pink, handing over a huge advantage to John who
was 13 in front with just that Pink and the Black to go.

Gary potted the last two colours to force the re-spot of the Black, but John missed
the Black on a very thin cut to the corner pocket, which effectively gifted the
Frame to his lucky opponent.

In the Doubles Final Alex Moran and partner David Sanchez had no answer to the great
potting skills of Dave Parris, while Dave’s partner John Everson’s safety play was
so successful it prevented their opponents getting any consistency into their game
at all, resulting in a convincing and well deserved Doubles win for Parris and

John Everson, Runner-up in the Snooker Singles Final receiving his award from The
Mayor, Cllr. Simon Tobin.

Gary Farnham, Winner of the Snooker Singles Final receiving his award from The
Mayor, Cllr. Simon Tobin.

This year the High Break shield was awarded to Gary Farnham, by The Mayor, Cllr.
Simon Tobin.

Dave Parris, Winner of the Billiards Final, receiving his awards from Sue Doy who is
also holding up The Reading Room’s historic 1928 Billiards Cup.

The Billiards Final saw John Everson playing his third final of the night, this time
against the very same Dave Parris. Not betraying a flicker of tiredness, and at all
times remaining in control, John piled the pressure onto his challenger, only
needing one more point to wrap up the night’s entertainment. With Dave lagging
behind to the tune of twenty points, it looked to be all over.

But despite keeping up the pressure John found that one winning point so hard to
find, as pots dried up and cannons missed their target. Finally, Dave Parris managed
to drag himself over the line to win the most dramatic Billiards Final we have
witnessed in The Sailors’ Reading Room for years.

It was very good night indeed. Thanks all those that came to support our Finals, and
a special mention to Roy Hannett for taking charge of all three games. The 2014
Awards were presented by The Mayor of Southwold, Simon Tobin and former Mayor Sue

Report by Gary Farnham